“Beached Bungalow”

Experience the raw beauty of Panama in Reel inn in Panama’s “Beached Bungalow” or stay nearby…there are lots of options!

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The “Beached Bungalow”

Surrounded by nature in the water and overhead, this cute cabin will give you an incredible experience! What this rustic cabin lacks in amenities, it makes up for with “National Geographic” style beauty. From the incredible sunsets over the Bay, to the Volcanoes in the North, the only thing that bothers you is the monkeys in the trees and the parrots & hummingbirds that fly overhead- just amazing!

Located directly in a quiet bay, the “Beached Bungalow” has somehow created its own reputation.




Born as a floating Hotel Room, we  towed this cute floating cabin to our property, anchored it in the deep water and built a 200 foot pier to it. It was called the “Boatel”.  Well, we have winds in Panama called “la Nortera” that blow from January to February & these winds managed to hit the “Boatel” and the floating dock & tried to destroy them. Luckily, we managed to save the bungalow and towed it to shore. It was cute, it floated at high tide and settled on the beach at low tide.

This worked, except that if someone wanted to go to sleep while the tide was high and the cabin was floating, it would tilt in the middle of the night and you could roll out of the bed. As you can imagine, this could create some problems for our guests, so we secured our “Tiltin Hilton” with concrete pylons & connected it to the shore by an accessible ramp that leads to an attached deck.  Thus came to be our “Beached Bungalow”. Now you get all of the benefits of being on the water without any problems….and it is all ready for your visit!!!


The “Beached Bungalow” at Reel Inn in Panama has a cute living room, a King bed, a Single,  and a full bathroom with a private outside shower!

The cabin is solar/battery powered so that you can charge your phones & still be in contact with your loved ones & tell them how much fun you are having! It does not have a hair dryer or a flat screen TV, but do you really need all these things anyway?

Instead, it has Kayaks at your front door & miles and miles of nature to explore!

“Beached Bungalow” Rates

$150.00 per night*

Capacity: 2 – 3 Guests
Area: The “Beached Bungalow” is located directly on the Panama Ocean’s shore & is visited by parrots & hummingbirds daily and an occasional pod of porpoise or solo crocodile as well! Privacy and nature abound with non-active volcanoes to the North and small islands to the South & West.
*Discount for multiple nights or accompanied by other activities.

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