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Traveling to & from Panama for your Sport Fishing experience is relatively simple and SAFE…pretty much the same as traveling domestically. 

**FIRST Check to make sure that your Passport’s Expiration Date is Over 90 days from when you plan to return!!! You will not be able to board your flight if your time is less. Lost some fishermen this way – friends made it but they didn’t – Ow!!

You will arrive at Panama City’s International Airport (Tocuman Int’l – PTY).  Many airlines provice good service here, Copa is the airline of Panama & has lots of flight options.

Next – you want to get to David – by plane 45 mins or by car 6 to 7 hrs. Depending on your Arrival time, this might be a good day/night to explore “the City” and then continue out to David & Boca Chica the next day – your call! Once you are in David, you are just 1 hour away from Boca Chica and the Pacific Ocean- yipee!! Here you can rent a car (best option) or have Us or a Taxi pick you up & bring you to your resort. Easy…
Copa Airlines in Panama
Tocumen International Airport in Panama City
Panama City Skyline

Arriving In Panama's Tocumen Int'l Airport - A How To Guide





Tocumen Airport in Panama City, Panama

After you Arrive at PTY you will have to go to baggage claim downstairs to Immigration (Migration), then you will proceed to pick up your bags and clear Customs (Aduana).

It is pretty straight forward and there are lots of agents around that speak English if you need help. This process can take as little as 10 minutes, or a little longer if there are multiple flights landing at the same time.

PTY customs

You now have a couple of different options getting to Boca Chica.

You can rent a car and drive the 6 + hours from Panama City… or you can fly there in 45 min

There are two airlines that fly between Panama City and David,

but there are also two airports in Panama city.

1. Air Panama flies from the Domestic Airport in Panama City (Albrook – PAC).

2. Copa Airlines flies out of the International Airport in Panama City (Tocuman – PTY). This is your entry airport.

Both airlines fly to the same airport in David.

Next Steps: Flying from Panama City to David

Tocumen Int’l Airport in Panama
Panama City's Tocument International Airport
David Airport
David City's Enrique Malek International Airport

*** Traveling by Car from Costa Rica ***  

Crossing the Border of Costa Rica & Panama is NOT possible with your personal or Rental car!  You will have to hire a Taxi to take you into David 1/2 hr or Boca Chica only 1 1/2 hrs away). Your car will not be allowed in.

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