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Yellowfin Tuna Frenzy Fishing Report- “Rainy Season”

Reel Inn in Panama Fishing Charters in Boca Chica, Panama

Well, we are in the middle of the “Rainy Season” down here in the Banana Republic, but to be honest it seems like a little less rain than in the past. Sure we get the occasional “Gulley Washer” but for the most part things are green and we are seeing lots of blue sky up there. Fishing is pretty good, as normal for the “rainy season”…just not many fishermen coming down to see us, so not many reports. There have been a few daredevils who have ventured offshore with great results. Capt. Lou Smith on the “Time to Burn” got into some very nice Wahoo near Isla Ladrones, and Capt. Michael got into Wahoo, Dorado, and even Yellowfin near Isla Montuosa!! Once again, the only problem with fishing in the rainy season is that you may very well get wet…the fishing is almost always HOT!!
Inshore…well with the right captain to put you in the right place at the right time…you ARE going to catch Roosters, Snappers and Jacks!! I don’t guarantee catching fish…kinda like betting against Mother Nature…but with Capt. Chui and a few Blue Runner bait fish, your odds are VERY good…REELY, REELY good!

As some of you may have heard I recently demoted myself from the Senior Captain to Standby Captain. This means I am shifting some of the fishing I was doing to Captain Chui Gonzales. Chui is coming on strong as a Captain, after graduating from the ranks of First Mate. Is English is getting better and he is becoming very well known for his expertise on the boat…and let’s not forget his Smile!! This of course opens up a new First Mate position…Welcome Onboard Captain Chino Sanchez!! Capt. Chino has fished with us in the past, and will be joining our staff for the 2019/2020 season. After fishing with Reel Inn a few years ago, he improved his skill while working at Panama Sport Fishing. Sue and I were watching some old videos we made with Chino, and he was just hootin’ and hollerin’ when things got exciting…a man after my own heart!!!

We are finishing up some scheduled maintenance on the boats, and we are just about ready to go for the season!! All of our boats are getting polished up and the reels are getting new line…TIME TO FISH!!!!!! Can you hear those drags going off in your sleep yet?? Oh and how cold is it getting up north?? Just some easy questions as I sit in my shorts, and flip flops!! Come on down and join us…we are ready for YOU!!

One of the reasons for demoting myself to Standby Captain was to allow myself more time to begin construction here at Reel Inn…that and I am just plain getting old!! But let’s forget the getting old stuff and just focus on the beginning construction stuff. Things are sorta getting off the ground, but like most things in Panama…pretty slowly. We seem to spend lots of time waiting for somebody to sign something, but things are getting done. One of our first offerings will be a couple of Prime Ocean Front building lots that will be available maybe by the first of the year. Very nice lots with great sunset views. In the future there will be a few more of these Prime lots, and quite a few Teak Forest lots with views of the ocean and mountains.

The total area of our little project down here will be about 15 acres, with multi use areas. There will be the building lots I already talked about. Reel Inn in Panama will only take up about 2 or 3 acres. The resort will have 20 cabins with a restaurant, pool, bar, spa, and dock. There will be room to expand the resort at a future date. There will also be a boat maintenance facility, as well as a country store, and a small vehicle storage area. The total project will be fenced, gated and will have 24 hour security. Our area of Panama is just being discovered…again…Come Join Us.

Lots more on this project as it moves along. In the mean time, we are going to do a shake down trip on the Dolphin Dancer and see what we can catch. The Panamanian Government has shut down the Commercial Long Lining for Dorado for a couple of months, and with lots of Dorado, Marlin, Sailfish, and Wahoo headed this way…it time to bend some rods!!! Call or email us NOW and get on our 2020 Fishing calendar as it is starting to fill up already! Fish On!!

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