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Yellowfin Tuna Frenzy CATCHING Report: Gulf of Chiriqui – December 2018

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Yep, that’s right, the CATCHING Report this time….usually I do a fishing report. The Fishing is “Off the Charts” down here in the Banana Republic!! The Panamanian Government did a VERY good thing in the Gulf of Chiriqui….they stopped commercial Long Lining for just 2 months this year. The fishing is better than anybody has seen in the 12 years I have been fishing here!  I mentioned in my last report that there seems to be greater numbers of Dorado even after the long line ban was lifted. Well this trend has continued & there are now swarms of really good sized Dorado everywhere! From about 2009 until 2016, there was a downward trend in the fishery for both commercial & sport fishermen. The 2015/2016 season produced very few Dorado at all. Luckily the Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo & Tuna fishing was Ok to good?, so not all was lost.

Then the fish started to come back & last season produced OK numbers of Dorado as well as good Marlin & Sails. The Tuna fishing continues to do Very well. The fishery over all is trending up at this point. Now, with just two months of commercial long line bans, the fishing is so good it is hard to explain without swearing a lot! HATS OFF TO THE GOVERNMENT OF PANAMA for actually doing something good for this precious natural resource! Yes, I know that fish populations trend up & down, but with this long line ban coming as the fishery is trending up- this fishery could turn to the “days of old”!! The problems we are having now, is getting all of these pesky Dorado to leave the lures meant for Marlin, alone. I can handle this problem… a Dorado big enough to eat a Marlin lure is awfully good on the grill! This fight to improve the fishery continues with still more ahead. There are rumors that a very large group of fishing vessels from a very heavily populated country is trying to start wholesale slaughter of the Bonita in the Gulf of Chiriqui. What will happen if all of the bait fish leave the area…this can’t be good! Stay tuned!

Ok….that is Offshore, lets take a look at the Inshore fishing. Once again….fishermen target Roosters here in Panama & since we do not kill these beautiful fish, they are almost always bending somebody’s rod! Big Cubera & LOTS of Jacks are also

Also as a nice addition to our Inshore fishery, we can now add Dorado to the list of inshore fish- once again thanks to the commercial long line ban. Have I mentioned what a great deal this long line ban was?! There are nice 5 to 15 lb fish that are coming into the inshore islands, and fighting their way onto the angler’s plates that night!

There you have the fishing report….or catching report if you will. It is pretty cold up North right??! Wind blowing up your pant leg a little?? Having a little trouble thawing our your cheeks??!!? Go inside…throw a log on the fire & put a Jimmy Buffet tune on…AND GIVE US A CALL!!! Fishing is great….the weather is about 85…and I haven’t seen rain in weeks! Lets go Fishing!!

Give us a call at REEL INN IN PANAMA , visit our website at or check us out on Facebook & Youtube!

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