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Yellowfin Tuna Frenzy Panama Fishing Report – Winter-Spring 2020

Reel Inn in Panama Fishing Charters in Boca Chica, Panama

Offshore Fishing has been either pretty darn good or pretty darn bad for the first part of 2020 in the Gulf of Chiriqui! There have been some EPIC days out there, and there have been some busts!!

Early in the year Marlin, Sailfish, and some Dorado and Wahoo made their presence known. Here at Reel Inn in Panama we had multiple days of multiple Billfish releases. One day we almost got an IGFA Grand Slam for one of our customers from England. And now for the Meat Fishermen- the Yellowfin Tuna never left!! They have not been everywhere, but when we found them, some big ole SOWS were coming over the gunnels and through our tuna doors. I saw a 267 pounder. And they are still here…one boat landed one over 200 pounds the other day-Holly Sow!!!!! We got two up around a hundred each!!! Beautiful Fish!! Sushi…Sushi…Sushi!!!

That being said there was a period for about 3 weeks in there that the fishing just shut down here. Not sure why…Moon??? Tides??? Temp??? Trump??? All seemed good to me, but fishing on some days was what we like to call…slow………. OK…I admit it we got skunked…no fish…no bites…no birds… It was like fishing for Marlin in the Hudson River!! But that was then and this is NOW!! There are Tuna everywhere! Dorado fishing was a little off this year but there are some hanging around the schools of Yellowfins…usually pretty big…or they get eaten by the Tuna. It’s Mother Nature at her best!!!

Inshore Fishing is still great!

Capt Chui is raising good numbers of Roosters and Big Cubera for our guests.This is mainly a live bait fishery, but I have noticed a few more guys having fish rise to poppers, and other lures! We have a bunch of Fly Fishermen coming down soon to try some new stuff out to see if they can’t get a hook into one of our Wiley Roosters! The only bad fishing days are on days when the winds blow hard from the North. First, well the winds are blowing hard from the North and you are hanging on for your life, and second the bait is very, very hard to find while you are hanging on for your life!! These days of the North Winds are not all that frequent, but when the winds do blow it is best to stay on shore, and sip RUM!! Being Flexible is a plus.

Things here at Reel Inn are going very well this season with all three boats -rhe Dolphin Dancer, the Purple Panga & the Setting Sun, running great & just waiting to take you on your Offshore or Inshore Fishing Adventure of a Lifetime!!! Capt. Chui is heading up our fishing department using Capt. Chino, Capt. Fillo, Capt. Victor, Capt. Turro, and Capt. Michael. It is a family thing here in Boca Chica, so once we get “in” with these fishing families we will never need to worry about finding a fisherman to help us again. We are looking at other boats…stay tuned?????….HMMMMMMM!!!…

OK…the Tuna are here and expected to stay for awhile! The weather is great & hopefully soon we can all get out fishing & enjoy this amazing fishery again!! Don’t you think you deserve to treat yourself to a little vacation down here and join us to try and get a couple of those “Bucket List” Fish!!

Contact us to make your reservation to come on down here and Make Some Memories with us here at Reel Inn in Panama!. Fish On!!

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